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Re: "bone spike"

Nick Longrich wrote:

 >      The other bit is on the bone spike. Consider that the
 > preservation rate for dinosaurs of various times and places varies
 > enormously between "very, very low" and "almost nothing". 
 > if your preservation rate is almost zero, 20 x ~0 = ~0. I guess what
 > I'm asking is, should we really expect a bone spike?

You are right on here - there is little reason to expect a bone spike.

And not just for the above reason, but also due to the slow rate of
net sedimentation and the extremely sporadic nature of riparian
sedimentation, a single "level" in a formation like the Lance or Hell
Creek Formation may well represent several centuries, and thus *already*
contain the equivalent of the fossils from 100% mortality.  Shortening
the mortality time below the resolution of the beds will make no
visible difference.

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