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New Books

A couple of weeks ago, TFord mentioned a couple of new dinosuar books. One of
them was "Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs" by Michael Novacek of the American
Museum of Natural History. 

Well, having just finished reading the book and attending a lecture he gave
on the Mongolian-American Museum expeditions, I can heartily recommend it to
anyone who is interested. First of all, the book is just a great travel story
about getting around a country which is still struggling with the remains of
a Communist system. Some of the stories about the difficulties of getting
gasoline, for example, had me laughing me aloud. Especially the one about
Mongolian youths sipping gasoline and being able to recognize the octane! But
the book is fascinating for anyone who is interested in the recent finds
coming out of their digs--the embryos of Oviraptor; the complete
Velociraptors, ankylosaurs, etc.; and the amazing mammal finds. 

The book is definitely worth a look in my opinion.