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Re: dinosaur inspiration

Terry Jones wrote:

> [...]
> Nevertheless, in response to the question of mouth breathing...
> Horses are obligate nose breathers (whether at rest or during exercise).  In
> other endotherms, breathing through the mouth is generally a response to
> extended periods of heavy of exercise.  This is a means of facilitating
> increased lung ventilation.  A secondary result of mouth breathing is that
> heat generated by high activity levels is dumped (at the expense of water
> reclamation via RT's).  At rest and at moderate activity levels, endotherms
> are nose breathers.
> All extant ectotherms (and, as we have shown, at least four groups of
> dinosaurs) lack RT's in the nasal passage.  No known animal has a similar
> strucuture in the mouth!!!
> Therefore, if, as suggested by the question, dinosaurs were obligate mouth
> breathers and thereby maintained high ventilation rates, they would have
> increased both water and heat loss.

It would seem if dinosaurs were cold blooded, heat loss in this manner
in animals of these sizes would be an advantage (after exertion at any

Don't know about the water loss tho. How much water do current reptiles
(used for comparision purposes) lose through the mouth?

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