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found webpage on frill of Triceratops

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who answered on my question about the probable 
thermoregulatory function of the frill of Triceratops. Just yesterday 
I found a webpage, where the author, Ben Waggoner, says:

> The huge, heavy "frill" of ceratopsians such as _Triceratops_ may
> have served as armor against the attacks of predators like
> _Tyrannosaurus_, which lived in the same time and place as
> _Triceratops_. However, other ceratopsians had smaller frills and/or
> frills with large openings; such frills would have been little
> defense against a predator. So ceratopsian frills may also have
> functioned as heat radiators, or signaling devices, or to attract
> mates, in addition to whatever protective function they may or may
> not have had. Recent work on the oxygen isotopes found inside the
> bony frill, which indicate the relative temperatures of different
> parts of the bone, supports the first of these hypotheses: the
> frills functioned as heat radiators.

The URL for that page is:


Does anyone know who the >recent work on the oxygen isotopes found 
inside the bony frill< did ? Can anyone give me the references for 
this work ?

Thanks in advance,
Martin Westmeier