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Re: again: frill of Triceratops

Rob Meyerson wrote:

>  It is far more likely that this vascularization is simply a sign of
> a frill-feature that required immense blood flow.  Perhaps the head
> muscles got a great workout over the course of a T-tops' day?

maybe Triceratops blushed at each other a lot? 
This may sound silly since I don't >think< humans have more than other
primates in terms of facial vascularization, yet do use 'blushing' as
a regular means of communication.  If not blushing, could tehre be a
skinflap connected with this extra bllod supply on a Triceratops' head
to erect or inflate or whatever?  Or are these sort of displays not
connected with the type of vascularization that Triceratops shoes?

-Betty Cunningham