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        I tried to send this once but it didn't go through so here it goes

[Actually, the first message did go through (but I added in a subject
 line since the original didn't have one)... -- MR ]

again...Iwas under the impression that the primative condotion of dinos was
bipedal and that they secondaryily went quadrupedal. Wrong? Misunderstood?
My xdyelsia setting in : )? Also I am struggling with the RT debate, I know
a little bit about want they are but would love to have some follow up
reading. I can't find any mention in The Dinosauria which is my constant
companion, I actually got disiplined at work for reading it! Why? I was
'flaunting' my education and intimidating my coworkers! Go figure.Anyway
Thanks in advance for your responses.-Jen