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Re: dinosaur inspiration

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, Rob Meyerson wrote:

> All I offer is a chance to simplify things slightly.  If we can
> strongly assert (in science, we never really completely PROVE
> anything) that the top predators in an ecosystem were of a certain
> metabolism, then the top herbivores *must* have had a similar
> metabolism.  For example, if we show that T. rex was strongly
> endothermic, then we can be very certain that _Edmontosaurus_,
> _Triceratops_, and other large dinosaurs were all endothermic.

Okay, so moles, mice and rabbits can be assumed to be cold-blooded because
they are the top food source for many snakes? :)

But I follow the point: how much difference would thier be from dinosaur
to dinosaur? I mean, what are the chances that all herbs. are cold
blooded and all carns are warm blooded (visa-versa)? If we look at mammal
carns. and the mammal prey they hunt, there are differences. But I'd bet
you both of them are warmblooded!