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Re: Searchin' for Books

Rachel Clark wrote:

> The Rise of Life; John Reader; illustrated by John Gurche; hardcover
> with dust jacket preferred.

     I found a copy of this book in my local libraray, and got a company 
that looks for elusive books to hunt for a copy for me.  They found me a 
copy in wonderful condition, but it took over a year.
     For those of you who haven't seen this, it is chock full of really 
excellent and imaginative John Gurche paintings that I have never 
seen anywhere else.

> The Complete Illustrated Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons; Gregory S. Paul;
> hardcover is preferred.

    I'll second the request for information about this one.  I've never 
even heared of it, but I want it.

     On the subject of dinosaur endothermy, Bakker's assertations about 
the dominance of endotherms over ectotherms in large animal niches is the 
aspect of his arguments that I have heared the least alternatives about.  
Might this business about ectotherms increasing respiation with increased 
oxygen whenras endotherms do not imply and advantage of ectotherms in 
oxygen rich environments?

LN Jeff