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Re: polarity of bipedality in dinosaurs

George Olshevsky wrote:

> You may be interested to know that there is >not one< known
> pre-dinosaurian thecodontian that was unequivocally, demonstrably
> bipedal. Many authorities cite _Hesperosuchus_, _Ornithosuchus_,
> _Poposaurus_, _Postosuchus_, and so forth, but these genera are
> >not< known from complete enough material to establish bipedality

     How much Triassic "dino-bird" material is known?  A lack 
transitional fossils for what was probably a pretty 
small group at the time is hardly surprising given the sparsity of 
remains of even the relatively common animals from the Triassic.  This 
absence of material, and even if it does not work against your theory, 
certainly doesn't support it unless you have a great deal more material 
from your hypothetical transitional form.

LN Jeff