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Fossil feathers.

Hi all,

It has been said a lot about the Maniraptora group for its relations
with early birds (=protobirds). But there is litte about bibliography
and studies on fossil feathers.Feathers are very important in fly
It is possible that some Maniraptora was feathered but not for becoming
"birds" in their early evolution. The *status* bird is a casuality
which happened in Maniraptora group.
The feather structure is unique. They have numerous functions: thermic
insulation, (in protobirds=dino-birds perhaps ready
semi-endothermics/endogenothermics/), waterproof,sexual distinctive,
etc...and, after,..for flying (now main function, but not in the
Not arboreal or ground hypothesis can explain the beginning of feathers.
Perharps a explanation is the sources of food in special

Any opinion about it?

Toni fossil.