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Re: oxy levels

At 10:40 AM 9/22/96 -0500, you wrote:

>It would seem to me and I think I read it somewhere that if the oxygen levels
>were on the order of 30% or so then there would be mega forest fires that
>would burn up much of the forest. That type of gross fire should leave a
>record of ash/coke/et al that I would think would be observable in the fossil
>record. Actually I think the source said so much would be burned up that
>there would not be enough growth to support a large animal population.

I have raised those same questions with little success in getting answers.
However, there are some considerations to make, the role of possible fire
supressants.  Higher CO2 levels is one, high relative humidity is another.

If I ever get the time (away from work), I intend to set up some tests of
forest detritus at varying degrees of water saturation and varying levels of
O2.  I will be testing for both "spontaneous" combustion and then spark/fire
initiated combustion.  If results happen, I'll post them here.


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