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Thanks to Nick Longrich, I think I know why several of you have
thought that your messages weren't getting distributed.  Genie.com has
a pathological way of reporting delivery errors, so because one person
on the list was not receiving your mail, you were being told your mail
wasn't going out.  For future reference, any time you get an error
message about the dinosaur list, send it to me.  In some (fortunately
rare) cases, I don't know about these problems unless someone else
tells me.  We might also want to try putting pressure on Genie and any
other ISP that handles mailing lists inappropriately.

If you want reassurance that one of your messages went out (or if
you'd like to look over past messages for any other reason), the best
way to look "back" over the dinosaur list is to connect to:


And since I'm here with URL's, you might also want to make a note of:


which is where I've placed the rules I'm trying to follow in
moderating the list.  They haven't changed any since last April, but
if you've never seen them before...

And finally, if you're having trouble remembering how to talk to
listproc (e.g. if you want to unsubscribe), check out:


Hope you find this information useful.

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)