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Re: Maiasaura and Stop asking

Peter Buchholz wrote:

 > How did they make that jump?  I understand that crocodiles have very
 > complex nesting behaviors, but there are very many precocial bird
 > species who have complex nesting behavior and care for their young.
 > Why were dinosaurs most similar to crocodilians?

I also felt they did not fully address some of Horner's evidence for
long-term occupation of the nest (which need not imply altriciality,
as you say).

In particular I refer to the difference between Maiasaura nests in
which the egg shells are crushed to bits (literally) and Orodromeus
nests where the lower halves of the hatched eggs remain intact. 

 > [ Did you notice that the latter point was addressed in the letters to
 >   the editor a couple of issues after that paper came out? -- MR ]

I seem to have missed this.  JVP, right?    [ No, _Science_. -- MR ]
If I can find time to get to the univ. library again I will try to
check this out.

 > Also, stop asking me what dromeosaur stuff is, I told you I'm not going to 
 > tell until the paper's written (not by me).
 > Peter Buchholz
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