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Aussie protoceratopian

I suspect that the "protoceratopian bones from South Australia" may turn out
to be "a bone from southern Australia (ie Victoria)". The only find of this
nature I am aware of (which doesn't necessarily mean there aren't others) is
a single femur (?) found by the Rich's among all the other stuff from
Dinosaur Cove which was reportedly almost identical to the corresponding
bone of Leptoceratops. The age difference is probably in keeping with other
similar differences in theropod (Allosaurus) and ornithomimid/coelurosaur
(Timimus) bones from Australia. All this is from memory, so don't quote me
on the fine detail. I can check it out if anyone so desires.

[One of the dinosaur society newsletters -- about a year ago, I think
 -- had an article about this bone and a defense of the conclusions
 about its identity. -- MR ]

Graeme Worth
The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia