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Thanks to George Olshevsky for this:

> A very recent issue of _Nature_ carries a short note at the back from
> Weishampel & Horner emending their paper and re-identifying the _Orodromeus_
> nests as _Troodon_ nests. 

Hmm, must have missed this. Well folks, here's _part_ of your 'big
news from Egg Mountain'. All of these things have problems. Peter
Buccholz and I were talking about the above recently, and he rightly
pointed out that this merely creates another problem: if the
_Orodromeus_ nests are really of _Troodon_, who made the nests that
have previously been attributed to _Troodon_?


Here's the full thing on the recent crocodile find:

In August this year, in a quarry near Swindon, in Wiltshire, an
amateur fossil-hunter found a 165-million-year-old fossilised
crocodile skull - with a tooth from the animal that killed it still in
one of its eye-sockets.

That's it. From p. 9 of BBC WILDLIFE Vol. 14 (10). Oct '96 ish. I'm
looking for more info on this, and would be especially interested if
the skull is from a metriorhynchid. On the subject, does anyone know
if Daniel Grange is on email?

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