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BBC documentary in the making

Hi Mickey
Did you ever receive this posting to the list I sent two or three weeks ago?
Many thanks

[I couldn't find this in the archive, so I'm presuming that it came in
 while we were having technical difficulties.  Sorry for the delay. --
 MR ]

I work for the BBC science dept. We are proposing to make a TV documentary 
series on life in the Mesozoic using the latest 3D computer graphic 
animation technology. A prerequisite is that the films must be as 
scientifically accurate as possible based on our current state of knowledge. 
I now have to commission 3D animators to produce a pilot sequence approx 2.5 
mins long and am looking for a suitable subject.  I am ideally looking for a 
particular aspect of say ecology or behaviour (probably although not necc. 
featuring dinosaurs) that is suprising or dramatic and of course accurate. I 
am asking various paleontologists what particular piece of their research 
they would most like to see brought to life and wondered if any members of 
this list may have ideas or suggestions?
Many thanks

Colin Poole
Science Department, BBC Television, London