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Reported theft of Museum paleontological specimens (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 12:40:26 -0500
From: Matthew Linke <mlinke@UMICH.EDU>
Newgroups: bit.listserv.museum-l
Subject: Reported theft of Museum paleontological specimens


Sadly, we have had a theft of two specimens from our Hall of Evolution.
Our best guess is that it happened within the last week.  Significant
effort was required to access the fossils.   Please note the following:

Fossil specimens of Diceratherium cooki, Miocene (25 million years ago)
short-horned extinct rhino.

This was part of a bone bed slab originally from Agate Springs, Nebraska.

TAKEN:  1 Cranium, about 12 inches long and a limb bone, also about 12
inches long.  Fossil color ranges from dark gray to cream.  Fossils are of
good quality and complete, with minimum breakage or deformation.  Teeth are
also in good condition.

There are no specimen numbers as the specimens were a part of a larger bone
slab with many bones.

If anyone learns information about these specimens, please contact the
confidential University of Michigan Assistance Network at 313- 763-1131.
There is possibly a reward (not yet determined) for information leading to
the recovery of the fossils.


Matthew Linke

Matthew Linke
Planetarium Director
University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History
Ann Arbor,  Michigan