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Re: Please remind me!

Tom Holtz wrote:
> The tails may have everything to do with it: in dromaeosaurids and early
> birds, the swinging back of the pubis happens along with a transformation of
> the tail.  Whereas earlier theropods had a long muscle (the Caudofemoralis
> longus, which started from the leg and stretched along much of the length of
> the tail) as the primary thrust generator, dromaeosaurids and birds
> rearranged the primary thrust to muscles on the hips and the base of the
> tail.  

Are you saying that the pubis of dromaeosaurids and birds served as 
the site of attachment for these "primary thrust" muscles?  In other 
words, the pubic shaft swung back to become more closely associated 
with the base of the tail.

Tim Williams

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Hey!  It's not a bad name once you get used to it.

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