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Re: Feduccia (was: polarity of bipedality in dinosaurs)

Jonathan Wagner wrote:

>While this is all a gross over-generalization, I find it interesting that
>you can find paleontologists skeptical of the dinosaur-bird theory, but you
>can't seem to find ornithologists skeptical of the anti-dinosaur/bird theory
>(for that's what it is, a counterattack.  It's never seemed to make it to
>the coherent theory stage.  Well, maybe Feduccia's done it now...).

Well, here's one at least (though I'm not in academia)!

>  I'd be perfectly happy to see a book which presents the
>dinosaur-bird link, then presents some of the arguments against it.
>This would sum up the current state of the science nicely, in my
>oppinion.  If you wanted, you could even throw in Olshevsky's BCF,
>although you may wish to restate it a little.

The book is a popular one with a restricted word-count imposed by the
publisher, so I really can't do much more than refer to the general subject
of bird origins in passing (as my topic is the Passeriformes, who came along
much later no matter what theory you like).  Feduccia's book, though, will
have to get cited in the refs (and should - there is nothing like it on
post-Archaeopteryx bird evolution).  I just wish there waas as thorough a
picture of the din-bird theory - actually, if you had to cite one book for
the educated general reader that made the dino-bird case, which one would
you pick?

>        You will, I am sure, post notice when your book is published?
>        Wagner
>| Jonathan R. Wagner

Gladly, though it will be a while.  Meanwhile, you can while away the hours
reading "Elephants: the Deciding Decade (1991), which I edited (revised
version due out 1997, Sierra Club Books) or regaling any children you may
have with the two volumes of "How on Earth?" (published by Key Porter in
Canada, Voyageur in the US and Random House in Australia.  Book 2 includes a
nice Amargasaurus by Brian Franczak.  (Mickey, can I indulge in such
flagrant self promotion here?  George gets to...) 

[ Abso-fraggin-lutely!  We have a tradition of such promotions, and it
  doesn't seem to bother anyone.  -- MR ]
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