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flapping from gliding

Ron Orenstein asked why gliders might develop flapping, and decided that
the only option was to get to things above them.  let me offer one more
Say you have a glider who evolves in a forest with lots of trees (as most
seem to do).  When you glide you have no worries about getting to another
tree - as long as the tree density remains stable.  Let's say that
environmental change (drying, increasing seasonality, temperature change
or even new species that use fire for germination like the Eucalypts
leading to more fires) causes a decrease in tree density.  If you want
to continue to glide, you better increase your accuracy if you want to
be sure to land in a tree rather than becoming a messy schplatt on the ground.

please no flames, this was merely a top of the head thought at too early
an hour.

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