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Re: Please remind me!

[I've just received a complaint about people including too much quoted
 material.  The following passes the criteria set out in the
 moderation rules, so I'm letting it through.  However, it probably
 should have been edited more.  Sorry to single you out Ti... I mean,
 Tom, but the juxtaposition of the complaint and your message
 triggered me.  Everybody here loves ya' Tom, but the following
 message seems like a good example of something not to do...  -- MR ]

Tim Williams wrote:

>Tom Holtz wrote:
>> The tails may have everything to do with it: in dromaeosaurids and early
>> birds, the swinging back of the pubis happens along with a transformation of
>> the tail.  Whereas earlier theropods had a long muscle (the Caudofemoralis
>> longus, which started from the leg and stretched along much of the length of
>> the tail) as the primary thrust generator, dromaeosaurids and birds
>> rearranged the primary thrust to muscles on the hips and the base of the
>> tail.  
>Are you saying that the pubis of dromaeosaurids and birds served as 
>the site of attachment for these "primary thrust" muscles?  In other 
>words, the pubic shaft swung back to become more closely associated 
>with the base of the tail.

Based on work by Gatsey, Currie, and others, that seems to be the case.

>> "There are some who call me...  Tim."
>Hey!  It's not a bad name once you get used to it.

Unfortunately, I've found that there are too many people out there who
haven't seen Monty Python, and so they think that I've changed my name... Ugh.

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