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Anapsids on the WWW!

(not dinosaurs, but hey there's no anapsids discussion list is there? We're
an eclectic bunch anwyay.)

Hello folks--
        I'm happy to announce that the venerable Anapsid clade has made its
way onto the web en force. After months of procrastination, Michel Laurin
and I have finished some nice little pages on the Anapsida for the new UCMP
server. Feel free to check them out, starting at:


I'm more than happy to accept comments/suggestions. The turtles are still
being finished, but the few pages there should be a fair start for people
interested in living anapsids. They can be found at:


Have fun!

P.S. The old UCMP server (http://ucmp1.berkeley.edu) is still illin' and
won't be back for a while. Luckily, most of the 2000-odd files from that
server are now on the new one. Check it out!

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