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Re: Feduccia (was: polarity of bipedality in dinosaurs)

At 11:27 AM 9/25/96 -0500, Jeff Martz wrote:

>    As I recall, one of the big problems with the ground up theory is 
>that Archaeopteryx's pectoralis muscles were too weak to provide the 
>extra power needed for a ground take off, so it had to jump out of trees.  
>     How valid is this, and how does the ground take off capabilities for 
>pterosaurs (particularly the earlier ones) compare?   

        I am _*SO*_ darned sick of hearing contradictory arguments from
equally knowledgeable scientists on what Archy's muscles could or could not
do.  Suffice it to say, if it didn't have the muscle power, it didn't take
off from the ground.  Otherwise it could have.  Maybe (as the _Journal of
Irreproduceable Results_ suggests) it lived on the heads of sauropods.
Maybe it jumped off of them to get up the arispeed it needed.  Maybe monkeys
can and do achieve a speed necessary for fully flapping flight from a
standing start from within my lower digestive tract.
        I'll tell you what I think.  I think it could fly.  I can site
enough proof (unfortunately, not references, yet...) to satisfy myself that
it had all of the skeletal and peleagic [?] elements necessary to be a fully
functional flyer.  It could have run around in trees.  So could
Velociraptor, or Ornitholestes, or Sinornithoides.  It could run, too
(although it doesn't appear to be strongly adapted for this.  Actually,
wonder what it was doing with such long legs...).  Besides, maybe earlier
birds could do a running takeoff, but Archy lost the ability.
        I won't bring up goats again...

>LN Jeff
What *is* the "LN" for?  I think you explained once, just wondering...

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