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Fossil theft and destruction in Utah

        I just received a disturbing e-mail from Mary Gerrard, state
president of Utah Friends of Paleontology. Last weekend (between 9/20 and
9/22), the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry near Price, Utah was broken
into. The visitors center and quarry buildings were robbed and what
wasn't taken was destroyed. Dr. Don Burge, curator of the College of
Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum in Price is estimating the loss at
$40,000. These are your tax dollars, folks!!
        I was on a volunteer dig at CLDQ for 2 weeks last summer. (My
rookie season.) Though we were digging at another site, we were at the
visitor's center and quarry every day, and it truly became a "home away
from home". The bones and casts on display were like old friends. To hear
this "surrogate home" has been violated in such a manner is shocking.
Anyone having any information on this case is requested to contact the
Emery County (Utah) Sheriff's Office. I don't know if a reward fund has
been established, but the quarry has been  closed during the
investigation and it will be a long time before the police allow anyone
to begin repairing the damage, if repairs are possible.
        If you have questions, please contact Mary Gerrard at

          Debra Boaz
          Southwest Paleontological Society
          Mesa, Arizona