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Re: Ceratopsian frill size (was Re: DINOSAUR digest 71)

> >ceratopsians have different sized frills (assuming they did live 
> >concurrently) 

Rob Meyerson replied:

> These points are better explained by the idea that they were feeding
> on different types of vegetation.  The ceratopian skull is perfectly
> designed to allow many ceratopian species to exist within the same
> area.  Start with the beak itself; it allows the animal to be
> selective of the food it consumes.  Add to this the varying frill
> heights, allowing different genera to consume food sources with
> different plant toughness (an animal like _Chasmosaurus_ can consume
> vegetation that is considerably tougher than an animal like
> _Eucentrosaurus_).

This sounds plausible. Do we see markedly different dentition linked to