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Re: dinosaur inspiration

Tony Stout wrote:

> If we were looking at the fossil record of today eons in the future, we
> probably would not assume Komodo dragons to be top predators, but simply
> 'forces to be reckoned with'.  While the dragons (and the other referenced
> creatures - Great Whites excepted) are certainly successful in their own
> particular niches, they are certainly not the TOP predators of the day, and
> would not be used in Rob's theory.  This would be left to animals like the
> big cats, wolves, and bears, which certainly can be used to deduce ideas
> about the metabolism of their prey.

     If you amend this to "land predators" maybee, but most of the world 
is covered by ocean, and the Great White covers a larger total territory 
than probably any land predator.
LN Jeff