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Ultimate Guide to the T-Rex (sic) [review]

Watched the show this morning on the Discovery channel.
I was impressed!  It was well done, with high production values.
Instead of doing a traditional review however, I thought I would
do this one David Letterman style...

TOP TEN GOOD POINTS ABOUT "Ultimate Guide to the T-Rex"

10. The computer animation of a small Edmontosaur herd.

9. The "3D" Tyrannosaurid cladogram.

8. Two words: "Tim Holtz" 

7. Horner's T. rex brain cast.

6. X-ray movies of emu and crocodile (alligator?)

5. Phil Currie rappelling down the side of a mountain to look at
   Coelurosaur tracks.

4. The dry ice they put at the base of the Royal Tyrrell T. rex mount (*),
    for a cool steamy effect.

   (*) the 2nd best T. rex mount in the world, 1st being the one in
       the Berkeley UCMP.

3. The Tyrannosaur footprint (*) at a "secret" New Mexico site

   (*) The only known Tyrannosaur footprint in the world.

2. Ken Carpenter showing the Edmontosaur specimen with healed over
   Tyrannosaur damage in the tail vertebrae (*)

   (*) Probably the strongest evidence for T. rex as a non-scavenger.

and finally....

1. No commercials!

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!