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crash course in Dromaeosaurs

    Greetings everybody!
        I'm sorry to incovenience you all, but it's time to "fill the 
newbie in". I'm wondering if someone out there can't give me a crash 
course in dromaeosaurid dinosaurs (hence the subject header). 

        First of all, I'm keen to find out if there have been any 
more dromaeosaurid discoveries. I know of the big 5 (_Utahraptor_, 
_Deinonychus_, Veloci, the namesake, and _Saurornitholestes_), but I 
do recall hearing some stuff before on new finds (the term "Ceder[sp?] 
Mtn." comes to mind). The usual names/times/places/differences from 
other dromaeosaurs would be appreciated.

        Secondly, what is the difference between Dromaeosaurinae and 
Velociraptorinae, generally speaking? 

        Oh d**n, I know I have more questions, but I can't remember 
them right now (just watch, as soon as I send off this message...:)). 
But anyways, just to add my usless 2-bits into the bird discussion: I 
personally *think* that the idea of Early Jurassic dromaeosaurs (or 
should I be saying Raptors[tm] in this case?) using predatory claws 
to scramble up trees with broomsticks stuck to their butts, then 
jumping out and flailing their arms about in an attempt to fly to be 
humourous at best (yes yes, I do realize that it takes millions upon 
millions of of years of Raptors jumping out of trees after bugs for 
wings to evolve). I'm sorry if that sounded a bit insultive, but I 
couldn't help but laugh when I first heard that idea on _PaleoWorld_, 
and it still sounds just as...odd. yes yes, I'm aware of goats as 

        Anyhoo, I apologize fro my little diatribe and hope that 
someone out there can help me out. Thanks...