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Re: flapping from gliding

In a message dated 96-09-26 16:11:49 EDT, meyersrt@uwec.edu (Rob Meyerson)

> As the wings develop to allow greater manuverability, they become
> stronger over time.  This allows for greater and greater flapping
> power, until sustained powered flight becomes feasable.

This seems perfectly reasonable to me. The important thing is that the
gliding animal is airborne, and it achieves control over its trajectory by
moving, folding, and extending its forelimbs (and other body parts, such as
the tail and hind limbs) as needed. Hand-eye coordination improves,
aerodynamic control improves, and over time, powered flight evolves. All
perfectly natural, and in the absence of clear evidence to the contrary,
almost certainly the most parsimonious hypothesis about the origin of flight.