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Re: Advanced Features of Birds

[The following is Jonathan Wagner responding to a question from Betty.
 -- MR ]

>>Can we tell if at rest, some were setters (like ducks) and some were
>>perchers (like song birds)?  <snip>(you got this inna wierd order
>        I don't see how this would matter, but one of the
> early-bird-of-the-month-club, Sinornis, I believe, was billed as the
> earliest "perching bird".  As for "setting", if I understand correcly, that
> is probably a more modern adaptation that isn't going to be very relevant to
> early bird evolution.

Duh, if it 'rests' in trees, it's likely to live more of it's life in
these same trees, if it 'sets' on the ground it's more likely to spend
more time on the ground out of the trees.
 Thus indicating whether or not it's arboreal.  If early dino-birds
perched, they were much more likely to live an arboreal existance,
compared to ones that might have slept laying over on their sides like
a dog, or 'setting' like a duck or emu.

-Betty Cunningham (the duh is not to be taken as a serious snide
remark.  I will let you know if I make a serious snide remark.)