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Dinosaurs in Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa

I'm looking for information or verification of the number and material
representing the dinosaurs found in Nebraska and Iowa.

What I have is:

Nebraska  4 specimens 
    1.  Distal end of femur of an iguanodontid--found in Burt County, near
    2.  A partial tooth, possibly from an albertosaur--found in gravel
          from a quarry in Gage County, near Holmesville
    3.  Another theropod tooth? where found?
    4.  Indeterminate bone scrap? where found?

Iowa  1 specimen
    1.  Indeterminate bone scrap? where found?
note: yes I do know of the "dinosaur eggs" from Iowa (concretions)

Minnesota  1 specimen
    1.  Bone scrap? suggested from a hadrosaur similar to Cloasaurus.
           Where found?

Any help is much appreciated
---John Schneiderman