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Re: flapping from gliding

In a message dated 96-09-27 03:19:58 EDT, mrowe@indiana.edu (Mickey P. Rowe)

> Secondly, among what vertebrates would you propose to see this sort of
> air-braking?  I submit that *this* was your key misunderstanding back
> in December.  By claiming that human marathoners are good models for
> running theropods you completely miss the boat.  No other animal past
> or present ran like theropods do (i.e. two legs, a horizontal spine, a
> sigmoidal neck and a long counterbalancing tail).  Sometimes the
> specifics are important... 

Well, then one could make all sorts of claims about dinosaur behavior and
argue that, since dinosaurs were so different from modern animals, these
behaviors are simply not seen any more. I suppose I do some of this myself
when arguing for certain plausible behaviors in dino-birds (such as
tail-gliding), so perhaps I should have extended the same courtesy to you
after all.