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Re: Everyone's discussing bird origins...

Jonathan Wagner wrote:

>Wayne A. Bottlick wrote:
>> In the example of owls and eagles, there is a significant difference from
>>the proposed flightless (at the beginning, anyway) biped:  upon catching the
>>prey with their talons, these extant predators use their flying abilities to
>>return to their perch, or nest, whatever; they still have locomotion.  In the
>>proposed predecessor, what does he do immediately after the pounce?
>        Just exactly the same thing a dromaeosaur would do after jumping
>into te air to use it's sicle claw (would someone please tell me how to
>spell that?  Dyslexia kills, man...).  Nothing more, nothing less.

Hawks will sometimes begin to eat their prey on the ground.  On the other
hand, leopards (which fly very poorly) regularly drag kills made on the
ground into trees.

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