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Re: Spinosaur paper, at last

Rob Meyerson wrote:

>At 04:34 PM 9/26/96 -0500, Tom Holtz writes:
>>Spinosaurus maroccanus n. sp., known from three median cervical vertebrae,
>>two dentary fragments, and a dorsal neural arch.  Dentary seems to have been
>>only 3/4 the size of the type of S. aegyptiacus, but cervicals are longer.
>Any word on whether they have enough to determine the posture of the
>animal?  Rumor has it that Spinosaurus was *quadrepedal* (a first
>among theropods), and I'm looking for a little verification.

As there are no limb bones in this new specimen, it doesn't really add to
the discussion.

(The concept of Spinosaurus as a quadruped comes out of comparisons with
Baryonyx, which Charig & Milner think might have been a facultative
quadruped.  I remain convinceable but not convinced).

To answer an earlier query, the new species of Spinosaurus has longer
cervical centra as one of the (few) diagnostic features relative to the type. 

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