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Re: refs on metabolism debate (fwd)

     Martin Westmeier and I have been exchanging references on the 
dinosaur metabolism debate.  Here are all of mine:
LN Jeff

Bakker, R.T., 1971, Dinosaur Physiology and the Origin of Mammals: 
     Evolution 25: 636-658

Bennet, A.F., and Dalzel, B., 1972, Dinosaur Physiology: A Critique: 
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Ostrom, J.H., 1973, Reply to "Dinosaurs as reptiles":  Evoltion 28: 491-504

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Fedduccia, A. 1974, Endothermy, dinosaurs, and _Archaeopteryx_.  
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Thomas, R.D.K and Olson, E.C. (eds.) 1980, A Cold Look at the Warm-Blooded 
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     subject, including another by Bakker)

Weaver, J.C., 1983, The improbable endotherm: the energetics of the sauropod 
     dinosaur Brachiosaurus: Paleobiology 9(2): 173-182
Farlow, J.O., 1987, Speculations about the diet and digestive physiology 
     of herbiverous dinosaurs: Paleobiology 13(1): 60-72 (just says a 
     little at the end about how this might reflect physiology, and how heat 
     of fermentation might be used for thermoregulation)

Ruben, J., 1991, Reptilian physiology and the flight capacity of 
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Colbert, E.H., 1993, Feeding stratagies and metabolism in elephants and 
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     about the body sizes, population densities, and geographic ranges of 
     predatory mammals and large carniverous dinosaurs: American Journal 
     of Science 293-A: 167-199 (talks about problems that endothermy 
     might present for big theropods given the combination of 
     limited geographical range and the minimum size needed for a healthy 

Ruben, J., 1995, The evolution of endothermy in mammals and birds: from 
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