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Re: taphonomy and the WWW

From: davis@kahaku.go.jp (Paul Davis)

 > If anybody wants a copy of my latest paper (which comes out in december) on
 > the Taphonomy of Archaeopteryx then drop me an e-mail with your snailmail
 > address (I'll even throw in a copy, of the obviously never read, feather
 > taphonomy paper) - ...

This seems like a good spot to insert a little idea I have been
thinking about.

In physics and astronomy some researchers are posting pre-prints
of new papers on the WWW for review and comment purposes. The idea
being to get a better rnage of review comments eraly on.

On an experimental basis I would be willing to place such pre-prints
on my Web server (at least for a time - how long would depend on
disk space issues).

Perhaps the feather taphonomy paper would be a good starter for this

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