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Re: Feduccia (was: polarity of bipedality in dinosaurs)

At 01:33 PM 9/27/96 -0400, George O. wrote:

>It's taking a precious long time for one of the key homoplasies to be
>recognized as such in early theropods. I'm talking about loss of the forelimb
>to quadrupedal locomotion.

        Huh?  Do you mean bipedality?  Some theropods could easily have
reverted to bipedality (I'm still not sure if people still think
therizinosaurs were or were not quadrapedal...) if there had been a reason
to.  Your going to have to restate your characters so they make sense.

>This happened over and over in the evolution of giant flightless
>Cenozoic birds, and it certainly happened quite frequently in the
>earlier theropods.

        I've never heard of a quadrapedal bird (save, potentially,
therizinosaurs).  I certainly don't know why any flightless bird would have
a problem with bipedality.  What do you mean?
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