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Re: Advanced Features of Birds

At 12:41 PM 9/27/96 -0500, Betty C. wrote:

>Duh, if it 'rests' in trees, it's likely to live more of it's life in
>these same trees, if it 'sets' on the ground it's more likely to spend
>more time on the ground out of the trees.
> Thus indicating whether or not it's arboreal.  If early dino-birds
>perched, they were much more likely to live an arboreal existance,
>compared to ones that might have slept laying over on their sides like
>a dog, or 'setting' like a duck or emu.

        I'm afraid that this is still not terribly relevant to the queston
of bird origins.  For example, if one were to make such an argument, then
one could just as easily argue that ducks and crows are not related because
one hails from an arboreal ancestor, one from a "setting" ancestor.
        If you are just trying to say something about how they lived, well
then, of course it would tell you how they lived (duh :) ).  In fact asking
if we know how they lived might have elicited a reply which you wouldn't
have said "duh" to.  See Feduccia's "Claw Geometry of Archaeopteryx
Lithographica and its Implications..." in Nature some years back.
        "Early dino-birds" as you call them were either a) early
dromaeosaurs, in which case it is likely that they decend from cursorial
animals, which certainly does not rule out arborality, or b) Olshevsky's
postulated animals for which we have no evidence of any posture because we
have no examples of them (other than the dinosaurs, so goes the theory.  Of
course, they tended not to perch, at least not the ones we've found). 

>-Betty Cunningham (the duh is not to be taken as a serious snide
>remark.  I will let you know if I make a serious snide remark.)

        That would be most kind.

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