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Re: Cosesaurus and Compsognathus

In a message dated 96-09-27 14:24:55 EDT,
T.Williams@cclru.randwick.unsw.edu.au (Tim Williams) writes:

> _Cosesaurus aviceps_ is a prolacertid - probably a juvenile
> _Macrocnemus_.  As such it's no more related to the dinosaurs than
> "super-necked" _Tanystropheus_.

This question is not yet settled, in my book. _Cosesaurus_ seems to have a
small antorbital fenestra, which would put in on the archosaur side of the
archosauromorph tree. Unfortunately, the type specimen is a natural cast (so
I am told), not real bone, making small skull features difficult to discern.
In deference to those who have actually examined the specimen, however, I
always use such terms as "possible" and "probable" when discussing the
archosaurian features of the material.