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Re: Classification of certain theropods?

Michael Keesey wrote:

>I'm trying to incorporate some of the more recent theropod finds into my
>on-line cladogram. Can anyone tell me where the following belong?
>Bagaraatan: (currently listed as a basal tetanurine)

Process running on departmental PowerMac while I type this: hope to clarify
before SVP.

>Neovenator: All I've heard so far is that it's a theropod. Anything more

Allosauroid.  This is the Wealden allosauroid previously mentioned in
earlier postings of mine (and on my Carnosauria handout in class...)

>What's the word on this new Sigilmassasaurus?

Ditto (as with Bararaatan).  Still going through Stromer again to find
previous association between Carcharodontosaurus and "Spinosaurus B" material.

>Also, when are we going to get more information on the "proto-feathers"(?)
>in Pelecanimimus?


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