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Re: Everyone's discussing bird origins...

In a message dated 96-09-27 16:51:06 EDT, mrowe@indiana.edu (Mickey P. Rowe)

> ] I suppose I do some of this myself when arguing for certain
> ] plausible behaviors in dino-birds (such as tail-gliding), so perhaps
> ] I should have extended the same courtesy to you after all.
> And perhaps you should try investing less ego in your ideas.  I'm not
> wedded to this scenario of how nascent flight feathers might have been
> used.  I merely bandy it about because it's plausible and no less
> supported than versions that other people throw around with (IMHO)
> undue certainty.  That is, it's not *me* that you should be courteous
> to just as I'm not being *dis*courteous to *you* when I point out why
> I think your ideas don't always merit the certainty with which you
> express them.  There are times when I think we could use a little less
> personality around here.

I'm not wedded to BCF, either. But I have yet to see something better, and
until I do, I'll carry the belief that the BCF phylogeny of dinosaurs and
birds is the correct one. What good is devising a phylogeny if one doesn't
believe it to be correct, or if one is indifferent to its consequences? And
if I seem to belabor certain points, it is likely because I perceive that my
worthy opponent(s) have not quite seen all there is to see of my side.

Also, I'm pleased to learn from a different post that there is at least one
living example of a tail-glider.