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Re: Feduccia (was: polarity of bipedality in dinosaurs)

Jeff Martz wrote:

>     It isn't a question of whether or not Archaeopteryx could fly.  The 
>question is how it could get airbourne.  Taking off from the ground 
>requires a lot more strenuous flapping than just the ususal flapping a 
>birb uses when in the air.  During WWII, some Germans discovered that if 
>you sever the pectoralis muscles in a pigion, it cannot take off from the 
>ground, but if you toss it out a window its other arm and shoulder 
>muscles are strong enough for it to flap and sat airbourne.      
>LN Jeff

Once again, see:  See Ruben, J.A. 1991.  Reptilian physiology and the flight
capacity of Archaeopteryx.  Evol. 45(1):1-17.  Ruben, J. A. 1993.  Powered
flight in Archaeopteryx:  response to Speakman.  Evol. 47(3):935-938.

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