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RE: Archaeopteryx feathers and taphonomy.

George Olshevsky writes (quoting Paul Davis):

>> 2. ALL the specimens of Archaeopteryx (both species) have feathers
>> preserved even the partially disarticulated ones
>I was not completely certain that this was the case, just off the
>top of my head. But I noted that most of them were feathered.

except for the Archie that was originally identified as a Compy-which   
showed NO feathers-that Dr. Ostrom recently ID'd correctly by comparisons   
of the bones of other Archies (wasn't it something like 27 points of   
similarity?-I have no refs for this).  So, to intial examination, earlier   
paleontologists thought as you did.....small theropod from the Solnhofen   
WITH feathers-ARCHIE: small theropod from the Solnhofen WITHOUT   
Seems it  would just be up to conditions of the fossilization to decide   
which are Archie and which are Compy from this discription, now doesn't   

 -Betty Cunningham