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RE: Where to go near San Francisco

Martin Human wrote:

>Hi everyone, I'm off for a 2 week stay around San Francisco/San
>Jose/Sierra Nevada soon.
>What/whom should I go and see, on foot or by car?

well, the California Academy of Art in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park   
has the Dinosaur Society's travelling exhibit "THE DINOSAURS OF JRASSIC   
PARK" until January.  And on a weekday. a walk through the UC Berkeley's   
new Life Sciences building to see their T Rex mount, the triceratops   
skull in the ref library, and possibly (if they are installed by now)   
some realy impressive Icthyosaur slab-mounts, and my presonal favorite,   
the Parasaurolophus slab-mount from the old stairwell.  But these last   
may not be up yet.
 --Betty Cunningham