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Re: [davis@kahaku.go.jp: Q's arising from Archaeopteryx feathers]

From: davis@kahaku.go.jp (Paul Davis)
 > Q7.  In physics and astronomy some researchers are posting pre-prints
 > of new papers on the WWW for review and comment purposes. The idea
 > being to get a better rnage of review comments eraly on.  On an
 > experimental basis I would be willing to place such pre-prints...
 > Good idea but the copyright of the paper once published or accepted for
 > publication (which in essence is a pre-print) belongs to the publishing
 > organisation ie GSA, SVP etc. Therefore it could create legal
 > headaches. ...

Hmm, I wonder how the phsyicists deal with this?

[Do you really assign the copyright itself, rather than just the
publications rights??  this doesn't seem right, most collective
publications, such as books of short stories, only get limited
rights, not the whole shooting match].

I still thinnk that the paleontology field could benefit from more
widespread availability of material, which the Web can provide.

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The peace of God be with you.

[I'm not going to give too much more latitude to this conversation
 here, -- in fact this will probably be the last message I accept on
 the topic -- not only because it's drifted off dinosaurs, but also
 because these issues have been hashed out in other places.  I
 recommend that you look through the Paleonet archives for starters.
 The Berkeley instantiation of them seems to be down at the moment,
 but move around starting from http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/Paleonet/
 and I'm sure you'll find them some place else (e.g. NHM of London
 which I didn't try). -- MR ]