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Re: Archaeopteryx feathers and taphonomy.

Cunningham, Betty wrote:

> George Olshevsky writes (quoting Paul Davis):
> >> 2. ALL the specimens of Archaeopteryx (both species) have feathers
> >> preserved even the partially disarticulated ones
> >
> >I was not completely certain that this was the case, just off the
> >top of my head. But I noted that most of them were feathered.
> except for the Archie that was originally identified as a Compy-which
> showed NO feathers-that Dr. Ostrom recently ID'd correctly by comparisons
> of the bones of other Archies (wasn't it something like 27 points of
> similarity?-I have no refs for this).  So, to intial examination, earlier
> paleontologists thought as you did.....small theropod from the Solnhofen
> WITH feathers-ARCHIE: small theropod from the Solnhofen WITHOUT
> feathers-COMPY.

   I thought, after his determination that it was an Archie, he discovered 
very faint feather impressions?
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