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Re: Phytodinosauria

Nick Longrich wrote:

>       I'm not too clear on mammalian evolution, but while I can cite one
>herbivorous and a few omnivorous descendants of the carnivora (the panda,
>bears, racoons) the closest you can get to carnivory in the perisso- and
>artio- dactyls are the pigs.

Among the marsupials the extinct Thylacoleo is probably a carnivore
descended from a herbivore; so are the supposedly predatory fossil
propleopine kangaroos.  Among the placentals the megalonychids were
carnivores descended from 'creodont' herbivores (as are their descendants,
the whales).  Among living examples are the grasshopper mice, voracious
obligate carnivores descended from herbivores.  Among primates the gorilla
may be a pretty good example of a herbivore descended from
carnivore/insectivore or omnivore ancestors, as are leaf monkeys and bamboo
lemurs.  I would be curious to know whether the sloths are considered to be
descended from carnivorous xenarthrans or vice versa.
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