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Getting off the List

To the person who expressed exasperation at not being able to get off this 
mailing list, in place of, say, using profanity in a post, here are several 
alternative suggestions: 

1. Announce that interest in Dinosaurs is childish, and now that you have 
surpassed the emotional maturity of a 10 year old, you are no longer interested 
in the subject.  

2. Say something really nice about Feduccia, especially as touching upon his 

3. Suggest that birds evolved directly from flying frogs who originated in trees
and who propelled themselves by flapping their little arms vigorously as they 
leapt from tree to tree.  

4. Avoid the Pilt-down pun, and instead argue passionately that 
Sinocompsognathopteryx is actually the remains of a Cossack with rickets.

5. Refer to Dinosaurs as "ante-diluvian".