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Re: Mononykus

At 11:22 PM 3/30/97 -0600, Tracy Ford wrote, anent Mononykus:

>>>What was the arm's [use]?
>>        Something that required heavy muscles and a short moment arm (=
>True, or else it wouldn't have the short arms with large muscle attacement

> Unlikely to be a raptorial function (not fast enough, little reach).
>>You'd asssume fingers would be helpful for grasping. Digging? Cracking
>>things? Hanging on for dear life to the backs of ankylosaurs while it picks
>>nits out of their backs?

How about a _poisonous_ single claw on what remained of the manus, like the
poison spur in a male platypus's hindleg?  Cool!  Watch Spielberg run with
this one!  The Mononykus runs up to a great big prey animal, that
ankylosaur, say, spikes it, stands back while the thing crashes to earth,
and then, not having much by way of teeth, SWALLOWS IT WHOLE.

This could also account for the extinction of Mononykus.

John C. McLoughlin