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Re: Mononykus

Tracy Ford wrote:
>And amazingly the legs are a lot shorter than Mononykus so ducks don't have
to >bend down much do they. Ducks lack the long pubes wich, if it's like
normal >theropods and not birds, extend down to the knee. Makeing it diffi
>cult to sit and get the arms down close to the ground. 
        The form of the known parts of the ilium of _Mononykus_ suggests
strongly that the pubes were retroverted (pubic peduncle extends farther
ventrally than ischiadic peduncle, see Gauthier 1986 for details). It
doesn't matter how long the legs are, or how far the animal has to bend
down. It could, and there was obviously some major selection pressure for
long legs. I'll go with the Perle et al. restoration of the pelvis, which
looks like it could dig.
        "Hey baby, I'm just talkin' 'bout _Mononykus..."
        "Then we can dig it!"

>I have an idea and I'm waiting to hear from others, but my point mybe moot,
>since MGI 100/977 is a nearly complete aticulated specimen.
        Aw, yer no fun!
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